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What is Pink lip balm ?

Its been a new norm in the quest to look good and confident all the time to have a subtle pink lip. This urge for a pink lip has gradually creeped into the cosmetic routine of the youth these days and a good pink lip balm like Magic Pink Lip Balm will do the trick. You can order this balm within hours on , Africa’s largest market place and shippment is available to all corners of the World. Magic pink lip balm is an eco-cosmetic, thus it was made with mostly natural ingredients so the user have no adverse reaction when he or she uses it.

Why Guys use a Pink Lip Balm ?

Males have historical hated lip balms because it made them feel feminine but that notion has recently been eroded for numerous reasons. Below are some of the reasons why guys have embraced pink lip balm;

  1. care of your lips.
  2. moisturizing your lips throughout the day
  3. cosmetic reason

How to make a pink lip balm at home – DIY

Preparing a balm only on the basis of wax or vaseline, you get a colourless tool. If you want to give the balm a bright colour, you can add the following natural products to it: Berry or beetroot juice. Make a pink lip balm with a few drops of red berries juice – raspberries, cranberries, cherries. Of course, do not forget that beetroot juice has a very nice color and can be used as a natural colouring.

It is necessary to add the juice to the melted wax and boil the mixture for 2 minutes over low heat. Colour saturation can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the amount of juice. Food colourings. This is a simpler, but less useful option. You need to add a few granules of the colouring powder to the wax.

Well, to bring the balm to full perfection, you will need to give it a scent. For this, 4-7 drops of essential oil are suitable: Spice aromas – mint, clove, cinnamon, ginger. These oils have strong warming properties and stimulate blood flow. This gives brightness to the natural colour of the lips and significantly increases their volume. Therefore, these oils are often added to the lip balm. Refreshing aromas – grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, lime. The oils are not easy to provide a feeling of freshness but also protect the lips from exposure to sunlight. Light aromas – lavender, bergamot, vanilla, thuja. The oils saturate the balm with an unobtrusive odour, while perfectly protecting the lips from harmful factors.

Using these simple ingredients, you will get amazing lips balm. Important! Use essential oils carefully if you are allergic or pregnant. Take a sensitivity test – put a drop on your hand and wait two hours. If there are no manifestations, you can use them.

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How to make nourishing pink lip balm Lips always suffer from the hot sun, harmful substances in the lipstick, and even from the common deficiency of vitamins in the body. Make your lips attractive, pink, juicy, and well-groomed will help balm with nutritional composition.

Honey rose lip balm recipe. List of ingredients: Beeswax – 35 g. Essential rose oil – 3-5 drops. Flower honey – 1 tsp. Avocado oil – 20 ml. Pink powder – 1 g. Preparation of the balm: Melt the wax, pour in the avocado oil and hold the mixture for a couple of 1.5 minutes. Now add honey with rose oil, powder. Pour the mixture into an empty block of old lipstick and let it harden. Thus, you get an excellent 2in1 nutrient – lipstick and lip balm.

Fruit lip balm recipe. If you want not only to moisten the lips but also to make them bright and unique, then fruit lip balms will be more relevant than ever. List of ingredients: Beeswax – 15 g. Jojoba oil – 10 ml. Coconut oil – 15 g. Crystal menthol – 20 g. Wit. E – ½ tsp. Sea buckthorn oil – ½ tsp. Cranberry/beetroot juice – ½ tsp Preparation of balm: In the heated wax, add menthol powder and coconut oil. Then add a little jojoba and vitamin E. Add cranberry or beetroot juice for pink colour. Allow the balsam to cool and harden.

How to make a restorative pink lip balm. If the lips are strongly cracked, dried, inflamed and have lost the pink shine, they need to be “reanimated” immediately, you can make a balm with enhanced regenerating properties. Honey olive lip balm recipe List of ingredients: Flower wax – 3 tsp. Olive oil – 10 ml White honey – 1 tbsp. Cherry or beetroot juice – ½ tsp Preparation of balm: Melt the wax on the steam, pour in the oil and add honey. Additionally, you can add ¼ tsp of a liquid solution of tocopherol and essential oil for odour. It is better to use cherry or beetroot juice for pink colour. When heating, make sure that the mixture does not boil, otherwise, the honey will lose its usefulness. pour the balm in a small jar with a lid and send it in the fridge.

How to make a moisturizing pink lip balm. An important step in the care of lips is their moisturizing. Balm, prepared by you, will handle this task the best. Glycerin lip balm recipe List of ingredients: Jojoba oil – 50 ml. Wax chips – 1 tbsp. Glycerin – 20 ml. Tangerine oil – 6 drops. Beetroot juice – ½ tsp Preparation of balm: Add all ingredients to the softened wax. For pink colour add beetroot juice. Allow the balm to cool completely and use. So you can easily make a lot of delicious, fragrant, colourful and, most importantly, healthy lip balms. You can use different products, so feel free to change the ingredients to your taste. And then with such a balm, your lips will look gorgeous.

Preparation of the balm does not require expensive components or specific skills. The main thing is that all the ingredients are natural and fresh, and their proportions are maintained correctly. You can safely experiment with the components, inventing your own unique recipes. One small jar of the balm is enough for 4-5 months. Read more:

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