Mini EMS Muscle Stimulator Portable Massager for OTG Phone

Mini EMS Muscle Stimulator Portable Massager Biological Physio Therapy OTG Phone Control Body Electrode Patch Health Relaxing
The product is controlled by a Microprocessor,including 6 different massage modes of simulating automatic cycle program.
This product internally generated pulse waves of different frequencies and intensities.
These pulses will stimulate muscle strain site and reach to relieve fatigue effect.
pulses sending Signal which make tense muscles to relax and then diastolic.
These pulses are designed to simulate the neural information in the natural state,
so that the muscles can effectively and comfortably shrink. Simulating normal muscle movement again and again,
so you do not bother as other massage methods. It’s small size make easily portable. It can be used with Computers, Laptops, Mobile power and USB power devices. Now you can sit at home and enjoy benefits from this massage. It helps you to have a fit and heath body easily.

Product Description
Item Name: whole body massage
Features: 8 Speed strength adjustable
Six massage techniques
(Manipulate massage; Hammer massage; Kneading massage; Scraping massage; Acupuncture massage; Cupping massage)
Material: Non-woven and PET
Color: As pictures
Wire Length: 128cm
Pads diameter: 5.7cm
Work current: 5-60mA
Voltage: 5V
Work Pattern(6 Modes): Manipulate massage, Hammer massage,Kneading massage, Scrape therapy, Acupuncture massage, Cupping massage.

Use Instruction
The first step: Connect the phone or portable battery;
The second step: Connect the wire to the patch;
The third step: Paste the massage patch the skin where you want to massage;
The fourth step: Press the plus(+) button,it will start to work; Six massage methods for cyclic work.
No need to use with batteries or charge.Connect the phone it can be used directly.

It comes with converters/ adapters that can suit any phone.

1. Compared with traditional massage, it is mini portable with the same function;
2. Easy to carry and eary to use
3. Connect your phone and no doing anything anywhere anytime;
4. Could connect to any phone. We have converter/ adapter cable, so please don’t worry about it not suiting your phone.
5. When you make sports, you could use this phone massage.
6. High quality wire,don’t worry fracturing

Six massage techniques:
Manipulate massage
Hammer massage
Kneading massage
Scraping massage
Acupuncture massage
Cupping massage

8 – speed strength adjustable
Press + to increase
Press – to decrease

Electrostatic protection
Start output protection
Short circuit protection
Maximum output limit

Multi-site massages: Arm massage/ Neck massage/ Back massage/ Shoulder massage/ Waist massage/ Venter massage/ Leg massage/ Feet massage.

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